About KidsDale

Children see magic because they look for it... And we are here for your little ones to help achieve it.

Aim...Learn...Live... At KidsDale we strive to enable the child to explore learning, decipher it creatively and apply it in practice. With well trained staff, spacious learning facility and colorful ambience your child would want to learn and apply more with us. We maintain an ideal student-teacher ratio, which offers a learner friendly environment for the children.

Established in June 2014, KidsDale caters to the requirements of education and upbringing of kids between 2-5 years.

Our Objectives

Our primary purpose is to welcome the child into an enthusiastic system of education where learning is more fun than just a task. Activity based learning encourages the child to be creative. We ensure that the kid’s learning experience is tailored to create them as an individual with our early childhood initiative. Our objective is to enable the kid to discover the world in safe and stimulating environment. We nurture the child socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually and to be a lifelong learner.


Our curriculum comprises a blend of indoor and outdoor sports activities, art & craft, music, puzzles, role play and outdoor activities with exposure to sand, water, dough play which improves physical and sensory development of the kids.

Our curriculum is child-centered and involves hands on learning.

The teaching style is stress free with modern and practical approach.